Student Resources

Always remember to check with an adult before using any website or activity. Do not enter personal information, including your name or email address, into any online platform without talking to your parent or guardian first.

Practice and Puzzles (Younger children will need parent support)

Inspirational Math Activities

Templates and Tools

Helpful Math Sites

  • Youcubed Growth Mindset Math Videos What does it mean to be a Math Person? Watch these videos to find out.
  • Mashup Math YouTube Channel Math videos to help you understand, with visual connections.
  • Mathigon Interactive Timeline of Mathematics Want to learn more about mathematicians throughout history. Check out this timeline. What do you notice? What do you wonder? Who is missing?
  • NRich Use the search to find answers and information about different areas of math and about the history of mathematics. You will also find games, interactive and print math activities.
  • Math Visuals Find cool animations to help you understand (and explain to your parents) how math works. Find digital or printable Math Flips to help work on your fluency by thinking about mathematical connections.