Math and the Fine Arts

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TEACHERS, PARENTS AND OTHER CAREGIVERS: These resources are designed to facilitate you in cultivating curiosity and designing various types of inquiry experiences for your learners. Be sure to carefully screen all materials for age appropriateness and conformation to your district’s regulatory screening processes (curriculum, privacy, ect.).

STUDENTS: Although some of these resources will be appropriate for your curiosity and learning, they have been placed here for use by adults. Please check with an adult before accessing or signing up for any resource listed on this page or on the website in general.

QUESTIONS and investigations:

  • What Math lives in Art/Music/Painting/Dance/This sculpture…..?
  • How are Math and Art the same/different?
  • How does this (sample of math or art) use Creative/Critical Thinking?
  • What is the relationship of play/exploration in Math and Art?
  • Compare the meanings of balance/line/space/square…in Math and Art.
  • Explore the use of tools (pencil, ruler, compass, grid paper, etc.) in doing both Math and Art.


My Favourite #MathArt Lecture by Professor Edmund Harriss:

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