For a long time I knew what I wanted to do in my classroom.  I knew what kind of resources I wanted.  I knew what kind of activities I wanted my students to engage in.  I knew what was wrong with the activities and the resources I was using.  But I didn’t have anything else.  Hour after labourious hour was spent searching the internet.  Only to come up mostly empty handed because I didn’t know where to look.  More hours were spent creating my own resources.  The process was slow and made agonizing by the knowledge that I should be doing better.  If only Tracy Zager had written Becoming The Math Teacher You Wish You’d Had 15 Years ago.  If only I had had a #MTBoS to turn to.  If only I had found one website with access to a collection of open, engaging, student centered resources to get me started.  Well, now you have those things to help you on your own journey.  Off you go!  Happy Mathing!

For Educators

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For Students

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For Parents

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