In my quest to reach all my learners in Math, I have come across many ideas for developing mathematical thinking and fluency that allow for a deeper connection to Math for students than the traditional Skill and Drill approach. These routines are accessible to all learners in the room, allow for open discussions of mathematical strategies and encourage engagement and student ownership of learning.  There are many more fantastic routines out there.  I have only included the ones that I routinely use in my own classroom and that best fit my grade level and practice.  If you are just starting to explore outside the textbook, remember to start small.  Choose one routine that fits with your classroom practice and branch out as your comfort level grows.  Be warned however, Once you and your students experience life beyond the worksheet, there’s no turning back.  Happy Mathing!

Teachers: Always remember to preview any resources for compatibility with the technology available AND compliance with your districts curriculum and privacy requirements.

Counting Collections

Visual Patterns

Number Sense: 


3 Act Tasks:                 

Numberless Word Problems:

Student Questioning:


Clothesline Math: